LED Light, LED Lighting, Electrical Goods, Control Panel Boards, Mumbai, India

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Control & Signalling Devices
Control Stations
Cable Carriers
Condvits & Connectors
Proximity Switches
Limit Switches
Single & Multiple Limit Switch
Plug & Socket
Distribution Assemblies
LED Lighting
Tower Light
Load Break
Rocker Switches
Micro Switches
Circuit Breaker




Led Lighting

Why LED is the future

  • No Mercury, No heavy Metal
  • ROHs compliant, Completely recyclable
  • Solid state Device
  • Efficiency in Light and Energy (50-8%)
  • Ideal for Solar Panels
  • Complete colour basket including Red, Green, Yellow, Amber, Blue, Warm white and Cool White
  • ZERO Ultra Voilet And Infra Red Radiation
Led Lighting