Control Device, Signalling Device, Control and Signalling Devices, Mumbai, India

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Control and Signalling Devices Ø 22.5

Control and Signalling Devices

Slient features
This range of  Ø 22.5 pushbuttons, selector switches, illuminated selector switches and pilot lights have been designed to provide the follwing salient features;
• Economy of Space • Aesthetically Elegant
• Self Wiping Contact • Robust in Materials of Construction
• Simple to fix €“ screw driver is all that required • Safe in operation
• Fixing Method Unaffected by excessive vibration - unit dose not rotate
•Very Good Flame Resistance •  Shrouded Terminals
• Protection against Electric shock  
Control & Signalling Devices Metal
Control & Signalling Devices Plastic
Control & Signalling Devices Economy